It's finally holiday time! I've arrived in beautiful Casablanca. I want to shoot a outfit very quickly but I had to unpack all my stuff first. Then I suddenly realized that I have a cool terrace outside. I decided to wear my first look and started shooting the look by myself (with a little help of my tripod). The colors match perfectly with each other.

What am I wearing?
I'm wearing a lace kimono from Miss Rosa Boutique and a simple basic dress from Mango. The hat is 100% handmade from a Ecuadorian brand called Prymal. You will see this dress definitely coming back a lot in posts. The rings are very bohemian and fit perfectly in this outfit since it has a 'bohemian' vibe in it. They are from Ohm Boho. My favorite accessory for this summer is absolutely this ankle bracelet. The ankle bracelet was specially made for my trip to Morocco by the amazing Mash-Style team. I absolutely adore this piece and you will see it also coming back a lot!

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