This dairy is all about black and white and green. Many followers know that these are my favorite colours. The diary shows some of my #regram of the past year. I've been offline for such a long time and thought it would be pretty cool if If I'd regram some of my favorite photos. The first picture shows my favorite bag in my collection. I've made this shot a few months ago and thought it would be cool to regram it. The second photo is a outfit I wore a few days ago. I'm really in love with the gilet and pointy boots. I wear them literally everyday. Both items are from Zara. The third picture is a photo I posted about the deatox treatment by SOHO. A reviews about the masks is coming soon. I really love it! I'm a huge fan of fashion books and magazines. I like to give them a special place in my interior. My interior is also a lot of black and white. I also would love to thank TRIANGL for sending me this lovely bikini. I really can't wait to wear it this summer. The last photo is a little breakfast I've made for myself after a week full of exams and school projects. I thought I really deserved a day off and made myself a lovely breakfast with typical 'Moroccan' details.

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